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Originally Posted by GreatKalu View Post
All this is true, but you have to at least accept that a major part of Milan's losses can be cut by getting rid of Zlatan's and Binho's wages. Thats the reason why we're in this position in the first place. If Silva is going, whats the point in keeping a major cause for the loss? Should the money got from Silva's sale go straight into Zlatan's pockets?

If we can sell Zlatan, Binho and Mexes, then in addition to the other departing players, we would break even according to what the books say. Not to mention, we'll have a sizeable chunk of money to reinvest into a new project.

But ovcourse you vouldn't see this because you're a pervert for Zlatan ...
If you lika have first class players, then it will cost money!

Without Ibra and Robinho the last 2 years there have been no scudetto, and no CL- play!

So how mutch money did the purchase of Ibra and Robinho give to the club??

I know you have not think of that.

How many more yearly based tickets did Milan sell just because Ibra arrived? do you remember?

A quater place in CL how much money will that give to the club??

Well if you can start to sum things upp the it will be clear that the Ibra deal was not so bad, and we did also get one scudetto.

If you like to play together with the other big clubs in europe, then invest in quqlity players are a must, but pervert Berlu he sell our best players

Cant you se whats going on with this club? and you are defending Berlus behaviour

So who are you? his son no pure fanboy would never defend his behaviour.

Sometimes it is better to invest then to sell out, thats goes for many companys.

Well you seams to know everything, so just tell us how much money will we lose if Berlu sell Silva,Ibra and Robinho, yes you can calculate on Boateng sale to, he wont stay if the other mentioned player will be gone.

Now how many tickets will Milan sell next year with all this players gone?
No scudetto
No income from CL - play
No sale for skirts eather

Sum that up ok, if you can manage that.

Berlu must sell this club before it will lose its reputation
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