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I never said being a goal poacher is a bad thing, I just said that Shevchenko is more then that. Pippo is a poacher and one of the best. I consider a poacher someone who spend most of game at the back line of the defense trying to get on the end on cross or through ball and basically always tries to be in the right place at the right time. Mainly someone who only scores from very close range.

Kayra hit the nail on the head that he was basically saying that all he ever did was get tap-ins and didn't have that skill to creat his own chances.

Personally, I think the top teams should play with a poacher who leads the line (like Inzaghi) and someone who come back a little (like Sheva) to facilitate in midfield a tiny bit and allow space for someone like Inzaghi to do what he does best. I'd really like to get the both back

Thanks everyone for the links to the goals and if anyone has anymore please post them.

Got this from a friend, tons of different goal by lots of people! Hey the goal vs. Juve in 2000 it the 1st one listed for Sheva from this link right?

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