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Originally Posted by damn View Post
white hair on head, black hair on ears..........swagg!!!~!#
Extremely new-gen haircut too.

Also cracks excellent jokes.

Mr . Laloo Prasad Yadav was sitting with his Ministers examining mail .
Suddenly Mr. Laloo cried out : ' Look at this letter ! It is addressed to
the stupidest man in Bihar '.
His minister tried to calm him by saying :
' How dare a man address such a letter to you ? '.
Mr. Laloo replied sadly :
' This does not bothers me, but why did the postman deliver it at the right address.'


Once Laloo wanted to know the time difference between Bihar and Las Vegas. So he called up the Tourist department and asked them "Ji could you tell me the time difference between Patna and Las Begas...".

The man at the other end replies "One second sir..." and Laloo immediately replies "thank you" and puts the phone down.

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