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Originally Posted by acmilan4ever View Post
I've been watching, the other day i saw CSKA beat Zenit, i hope by way of a miracle CSKA can reach first place. I know its a long shot and league could be over by this weekend.

CSKA vs Spartak
Zenit vs Rubin

A draw will do it for Zenit. What team do u support?
I just support Milan. no one else

but i do give my support to any Russian clubs when they play in Europe since their wins in turn raises the football level in my country.

But im not a big fan of Zenit though, they have the whole complacent mentality that drives me insane. ever since they won the uefa cup in 2008 Zenit fans developed the mentality that they are one of the european giants.

i would rather CSKA take the title


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