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Originally Posted by crazy4milan
If we weren't so crap right now, I would have loved to face Hugo with our NT (wait a minute we did, we ended with 8 players-first time I even seen someone from CR getting sent off, let alone 3- and you beat us in XT in the Gold Cup, Hugo was very very bad ).
He's only got the fact that he's adored cause of his playing career but he has no idea of tactics and such, he doomed his time at the NT by saying he would make us World Champions

Actually, I went to Mexico back in December 2002, my mom took me there (apparently it's very old, cause she knew it since she lived in Mexico back in the 70's), and we basically ate in all of the Sanborns in DF and one in Acapulco. 2 years ago a Sanborns in Costa Rica was almost secure, but I'm yet to see one.
Oh yeah, Sanborns is REALLY old, it's very traditional... it's about a 100 years old
did u try the chilaquiles? those are great


Thanks Hanna!
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