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Originally Posted by Wild View Post
Its doable between him & CR7.
U r acting like Messi is just another good player , he isnt , he is massive same as CR7.
And what team did CR7 destroy ?
They r playin in the same league so how many goal did CR7 score ?
How many hatrick ?
They r playin in the same league & they both have good players around em but Messi is doing a lot better , individually , & his team is still in CL.
MAdridista + Wet ones r underselling Messi, no doubt BUT the one thing I don't agree with is Messi is shoulders above him:

LA Liga + UCL (I am not counting copa del rep and club world cup)
C.Ronaldo 24 games- 22 goals, 5 assists

L.Messi- 31 games, 29 goals, 9 assists

Both are phenomenal but everyone wants to discount fact Ronaldo 1) has been hurt and it hasn't effected him. 2) Came into a brand new team with 6 new faces in starting 11 and 3) with all the weight on his shoulders and delivers every game he has played.

On the opposite, messi has had same team (+ ibra) his whole career, particularly same tactic and midfield feeding him. We all know, continuity>all in football.

Messi is great and more exciting to watch but for me it's a no brainer on who i'd want more...(hint: The unstoppable force who wears alot more hair gel)

Originally Posted by ACmen View Post
Only Milan can punish it's own fans by qualifying for CL. I'm off to sleep, another year wasted. When will this fucker be fired..
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