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If we buy him, it will be to have him as a starter. I doubt that Milan is following Juventus trail of buying all the best youngsters by spending 15-20 mill on an unproven player and giving loads of cash to Roma so that they can have more liquidity in the transfer market.

Let's not forget that both Destro and Gervinho still haven't been sold.

Do I want to have Romagnoli as a starter and give loads of cash to Roma as well. The answer is a big no, unless they really think that Romagnoli will be a world class defender within a year or two and that will be easily worth twice as much. Twice as much means 40 mill.

The funny thing is that I haven't seen many central defenders being sold for obscene amounts (30+ mill) in the recent years ... leaving aside the PSG bought defenders (Luiz, Silva, Marquinhos), even top defenders are not sold for that high of a price ... Benatia was sold for 26 -29 mill + bonuses ...Bonucci is considered to have a 30 mill valuation.
Otamendi was sold for 12 million.

So the question that rises very easily is why should we pay Roma 20 mill for a newb defender ?

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