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Insane how so many players get bashed week in week out but nothing for Kessie ? This guy is a masssive massive liability . He has absolutely no understanding of build up play, no composure in the final third and thinks he can shoot like van Basten. The amount of small things he fucks up in a game is unreal. He would do fine in a counter attacking team and we should sell him to Wolves for 25mil or whatever they are offering without thought.

One of the reasons we looked good in pre season is this guy not playing imho
Good post. I don't understand it either. If you look at Giampaolo teams (Empoli and Sampdoria) they've always had a midfield trio of technically sound players. Kessie does not possess such characteristics, which is essential to play under a GP team.

Franck plays with too much brute strength, hence why, to a moderate extent, he was good under Gattuso, who mostly banked on physicality in his team. Rino also loved playing him in the role as a ball hogger.

However, if we have a look at Giampaolo's former midfield trios:

Empoli 2015/16: Krunic/Croce - Paredes - Zielinski

Sampdoria 2017/18: Praet - Ekdal/Torreira - Linetty

You see? Those teams contains players who are technically gifted and are able to hold onto possesion and pass between the lines to create chances. Now we struggle to break down the opposition + creating chances because we lack such players. (I'm not talking about the quality of Croce or Ekdal, but their characteristics)

Looking back at it and telling it with regret, we fucked up when we didn't sell him to Wolverhampton for €25m or even more, when we had the golden chance to do so.

Unless we get Rino back on a contract until the end of the season, I don't see why we shouldn't cash in on him come January. Something between €25m - €30m would be an acceptable fee. His characteristics and playing style would work well in the Premier League.
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