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Originally Posted by milanator View Post
Not great, not terrible. Doesn't do really exciting or really stupid stuff, feels a bit like a place holder. Most outstanding quality seems to be his areal strength.
Eh, I'd say he, as a CM, is very good with the ball at his feet and very poor defensively.
He clearly has a nice technique and his passing seems pretty good as well, but he also seems to have an attacker's mindset on defensive duties.
He was ball watching, positioning himself too far high up even though we had already gotten what should've been the match-winning goal and even though he needed to be extra careful after Kessie had been replaced with Rebic.
He'd track back at times, but only to refrain from making tackles or pressing. He had just come off the bench, but 33yo Biglia was the one midfielder who'd press them outside our box 90 minutes into the game.

This is also on Pioli for allowing that madness to go on until they equalized. Sure, all the 3 subs were made, but there was still the option to move Hakan down to the midfield. That clearly didn't happen since Hakan was even further up than Suso in those last 15 minutes. It wasn't a 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 or a proper 4-1-4-1.
It was 2 CBs, 2 wingbacks not fullbacks, 1 midfielder and 5 attackers.

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