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Originally Posted by Passion for *9*
I certainly DON'T miss Rui Costa. He was never great @ Milan + went downhill quickly 2003. Our domestical slump starting in January 03, after we had been dominating Serie A until then, not only coincided with Rui's rapid loss of form but was more or less a consequence of it.
Yeah, it was a pity that he only deliver the goods for like 2 match per season after that. Specially considering all the harm he caused us while at Fiorentina (particularly I remember the 4-0, or 5-0, or something like that back in 2001).

Vieri went to the game vs Bayern last Tuesday, and is starting his training with Atalanta (I saw him in Domenica Sportiva 2 weeks ago).

Ba went to Malta with the team back in January .

Guly was playing at some club in Argentina, but I forgot the team.

There was a nice interview posted in the italian forum with Savicevic like a week ago, I'll try to translate it and post it later (later could be in some months).

Coco was suposed to be in some middle club in Serie A or a team in Serie B...or partying.

Now, whatever happened with Federico Giunti?
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