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Fuck Inter!!!!!
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Originally Posted by ToonInvader View Post
"nice guys" be completed.

they're in love with Milan and they commit themselves 100x more than me so I guess i can't criticise much but from what I've seen during the raduno where i spent 2-3 hours, I can say I was relly disapointed to have heard some stupid chants about eto'o, leonardo etc..i guess its ok and usual but they kept signing and acting like fucktards.

The day in Milanello was great but the Curva showed they were a bit (a lot) under our Club's Class standard...
I didnt hear any racist chants when I was there, the only one I could remember when I last visited Milano was "interista pezzo di merda" I suppose you will get good and bad tifosi everywhere you go, but from my own personal experince I never came across one bad Milanista ultra

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