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Originally Posted by RossoNero83 View Post
I didnt hear any racist chants when I was there, the only one I could remember when I last visited Milano was "interista pezzo di merda" I suppose you will get good and bad tifosi everywhere you go, but from my own personal experince I never came across one bad Milanista ultra
Oh I can tell you there were plenty of stupid chants. "Eto, eto l'hanno visto con le rose nel metro..." "leo uomo di merda " + dirty chants about juve and south teams..(napoli most of all) They were even signing these things infront of the journalists ( Milannews + sky)

It was ridiculous and even random guys (teenagers mostly ) joined them

I wanted to join the party with these other guys coming from different horizons but sharing the same passion I have (sounds stupid but thats what i like in Football) but I was obviously impossible for my own dignity.

In the past I experienced supporters parties from smaller teams ( french ones) and it was even classier...

Its a well known fact that italian supporters arent among the best. in every point of view.

anyway you're right good and bad tifosi are everywhere...but after what they did to Maldini I shouldnt be surprised anymore.


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