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Originally Posted by Burlesqoni View Post
You were suggesting they were proven top players, yet neither had played any particularly big games, not to mention firmino was playing in the fucking bundesleague. That sounds unproven to me. Romagnoli is definitely unproven as well on the biggest stage.

Salah 'killed it' is, again, your opinion. A lot of people thought liverpool overpaid for him, and that's a fact. Also, what about the ol' serie a sucks bit? Who cares if a player 'kills it' in a 'shit league' when he's been deemed a flop in pl?

Regarding the bold part... I can't believe you haven't figured it out yet Do you want me to explain it to you slowly?

LOL @ "a lot of people thought Liverpool overpaid for him, and that's a fact". Are you for real? Literally NOBODY thinks that. Salah to Liverpool was probably the deal of the season easily. Even Monchi has had to defend why he sold him so cheaply several times. Do you even realise Salah won the EPL Golden Boot and fired Liverpool to the CL final easily doubling/tripling his value in the process?

I'll ignore the other nonsense you posted about a player not being WC unless they've played in the CL or come from the Bundesliga. It's too foolish and laughable to respond to. Thanks for the entertainment though
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