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damn, do i have to ignore you too so you dont quote rubbish? But you both cant read, I said Cavani is more likable to me as a player, i dont like zlatans and higuains personality and i like Cavani type more DID YOU GET IT AFTER 3 TIMES I even mentioned that he was weaker than Higuain. You friendos are pathetic, making up things I havent said just to make you feel smart. When I say I hate them, it only means I dont like their personality, GOT IT? Clowns lol I didnt know you were a fraud, Massaro, even tho I didnt agree with your bs posts, I thought you were not a cheap slanderer and yeah Cavani is still better than Higuana in big games, including UCL and NT (as he showed at the WC) even though he's overall a weaker player.

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