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Originally Posted by Bojangles
canada lost their only F1 driver after villeneuve was released from BAR...AND MONTREAL alomost lost the grand prix due to cigarette logos on cras.... but its back in montreal now and villeneuve is thinking about joining NASCAR
Villeneuve is actually a good driver from what I've seen since he won 1997 champion's title when driving Williams-Renault. This season wasn't the best for him..The problem is when he was on fire..B.A.R were screwed up. When B.A.R and Honda gets in depth development...he's far away of *attention*....

The situation and its condition never made both of them (Villeneuve and his team) united...

To say goodbye to B.A.R is the best solution. For his good, why he doesn't take a rest for 2004 season while you said Bojangles....thinking about joining NASCAR, Indy500...or etc and in 2005 he could come back again to Formula 1..well Williams had been confirmly JPM will be at McLaren...any chance to come back to Williams??Time will tell...

What happen to Villenueve reminds me to Alain Prost in 1992. He couldn't get competitive seat in the final of the season and not performed in his final race of 1991..he took a rest and came back with fresh approach by grabbing the driver's title with Williams-Renault in 1993.

He could imitate what Prost did at that time.

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