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Originally Posted by Rex
Originally Posted by Yan Dao
I lost interest in F1 a few years back when it became a one-man show, but this year has been great, and I was happy that finally there are two or three drivers who can kick Shumi's arse. I'd be even happier if someone else wins F1 next year - Kimi, Montoya, Alonso - just not Schumi
Schumi did it this year with tough challenge. But it's appropiate enough to describe how strong he is even he's not much dominant as he did last year. His mom passed away.. but it's not the end of the world for him..a victory comes back on side when emotional winning in San Marino GP as turning point for The Pranching Horse and obviously for himself.
His mother died... That is true. But how did he dominate: do you remember his win 2 years ago in Spielberg?! Boy, did Schumi dominate. How many times his car had a malfunction in last 2 seasons?! How many?! That guy drives the best car in F1 and has the best team in F1, but I still believe that he isn't the legend everyone claim. Ayrton was a God 4 him. Look at Mika Salo - guy was no one until Michael broke his leg. And after just 2 races 4 italians he finished 2nd giving 1st position to Eddie Irvine. That is how Schumi's car is strong... Schumi's car - not Schumi!!! FORZA KIMI, FORZA JUAN PABLO!!!!!!

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