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WHats funny bout him is i saw in a TV show, Wigald Boning and his friend, thats a comedy show and they are playing sketch like an interview with Schumania, the comedian act like Schumacher that made me laugh a lot, but i agree that hes one of the more articulate sports professionals of course and a living legend like u have only once in a decade!!!
Formula 1 is a big Circus travelling around the World to entertaining people and make money as much as possible, Money? Sauber-team has now an own Wind canal to research aerodynamic, speed and stuff, this building with a wind canal they said costs 100mio Euro or francs, even 200mio francs im not sure anymore, with so much money u can build a city in a third world country!!! ;-) Also the wages of the drivers runs in unlimited highs, almost all drivers have a house in MOnaco

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