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Originally Posted by Mehdi View Post
hello guys
I present myself: My name is Mehdi, 24 years from Algeria and I am a HHHUUUGGGEE fan of Milan, As you see I am a new member here and I wanted to share with you my ideas about how to improve our team which is far from being the true Milan.


Those in my opinion would be good solutions for our team, so thanks for reading it guys and please tell me what you think, I am looking forward to it
Some of it is easy to agree with. I think Alba could have bright future here, but Eriksen might still be too inexperienced to tackle such a big role in our midfield. Why not someone like Hamsik who we pretty much know would do well here? Don't know enough about Casemiro. I wouldn't want all of Muntari, Aquilani and Merkel to leave but realize that we might end up with too many midfielders - yes, we obviously need reinforcements in the middle. Yepes might have another year in him - I like him as a backup. If he leaves, someone like Granqvist could cover that role.

And Allegri stays.

Good first post.
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