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Originally Posted by MaldiniCapitano View Post
a quarter of all the points this season have already been flushed down the toilet.

remember bonus points or not you gotta divide them by eight. a couple of europa league wins is more valuable than bonus points for qualifying out of the CL group. and napoli, fiorentina, lazio should rack up a lot of wins
Bonus points are very valuable, let me tell you why. If four English teams qualify to the next round in the CL (which should be the case realistically speaking) they'll each get 5 points, thats 20 points of bonus... 20/8 thats 2.5 coefficients points. That's huge.

Italy will need 15/6 points = 2.5 points to just match their bonus points. So italy will need 7 wins + 1 draw ONLY to match the bonus points.. and that's even ignoring the bonus points each of these 4 teams collected when they qualified to the CL (4 * 4 = 16/8 = 2 full coefficient points).

Originally Posted by Dawn View Post
I don't think Serie A will have a successful season in Europa League this year. All teams will focus more on Serie A knowing that a Champions League spot is definitely within their reach. Watch out for Lazio, Fio, Napoli, Roma throwing matches here and there
I disagree. It will be harder for the the Italians to make it to 3rd spot this year than winning the EL. They should realistically target winning the EL to qualify directly to the CL, they wouldn't even have to go through qualifiers and fail to qualify like 4 Italians out of the last 5 years. That's an embarrassing stat.

I think they'll take it very seriously. They can't afford to ignore the EL anymore.
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