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Originally Posted by fiume_1987
Well, too bad mate - but that's exaxtly what we are doing. Let me just refresh your memory with two players who IMO would be great for Milan but joined other clubs with no interest shown from Milanello: Barusso (joined Roma) & Muntari (Portsmouth). Now I'm hearing that Fiorentina is after Sneijder... Is Milan showing any interest?
Battle for Chivu and G. Milito is the talk point in Europe today. I'm starting to wonder have mr. Galliani and co. even heard about those great defenders... I'm sure they'll eventually think of someone (like Oliveira last year)...
Too many egos to stroke, with Maldini the biggest of them all... Milan are AMUSINGLY predictable, I just follow silly season + Galliani's blatherings for fun + giggles, + like Milan themselves, hope for luck + a little help here + there for them to successfully maintain appearances of a 'prestigious club'

Someone mentioned the necessity of competition, well, according to Ancelotti/Galliani/Berlusconi competition would be detrimental to the perfect harmony in our dressing room - no shit


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