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La Gazetta voted Weah's goal in the home game vs Verona (the 3rd goal at the game that Milan eventually won by 4-0) at the opening match of 96/97 season as the best goal ever in Milan's history.

I'm sure some of you already know how it went. The video in several post above might have it. A Verona corner went ashtray and Weah picked the ball inside the Milan penalty box (!) and he dribbled all the way to other side of the box, ball on his feet as he ran across the length of the San Siro pitch. He might got lucky when the ball bounced back to his stride after a defender tried to stop him.

The fact that Verona was 2-0 down before the goal and had probably 7 players inside Milan penalty box as they were looking for a goal to reduce the deficit might contribute to the lack of defending. But it was still magnificent.

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