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Originally Posted by Az. View Post
UFC 171( this week end) has the makings of being one of the best cards of this year:

Hoping for Condit to put on a show, the guy is my favourite fighter. Also rooting for the main event to be a bloody mess, don't particularly care who wins it.

Rest of the fights looking promising also
Looks promising but could easily be another night full of snoozers, my expectations are not high.

Condit is a point fighter, great one at that, but definitely not the most exciting fighter in the division. I am pulling for Woodley in this one.

Jake Shield is known for putting on snoozers unless he gets finished early. I am hoping Lombard can not get blanketed, but I see it going to a decision.

Diego Sanchez and Miles Jury, might be a back and forth fight, but I think it will go to the decision again.

Win or lose, I'd like to see Lawler rematch Diaz, now that's a fight with a lot of sparks.

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