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Originally Posted by drucurl View Post
hmmm guess that includes Maldini too cause he asked for investment. Yeah I think Berluscphony loves Milan more than Maldini too
comparing love is just ridiculous cause its an unmeasurable quality but i know we could have survived without ll capitano but not without berlusca, no i dont want to compare them and make one smaller than another, previous line was my way of looking when i see the past.

millions of dollars he spent on the club like water is just unforgettable atleast for me, you are entitled to have your opinion but i know for sure that nobody in history this club has spent like that.

I belive in franco baresi even management knows that we need investement cause in his first two three years he gave a warchest to sacchi to sign the dutch trio its not about investment its about investing in this overinflated and fragile financial enviornment when berlusca leads a fucking country

Italian NAtion >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 10000s of milan.

anyway i belive in FRANCO BARESI AND I SAY HE IS SPOT ON. and i love baresi and maldnini, and franco has been in this club for years he was adopted by this club they are his parents when there was no one and he does love milan more than any single fan and he knows better about milan.

Forza Franco Baresi

he and kaiser beckenbeur were the very bestest center defenders ever

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