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Originally Posted by Marcus
Come on guys, be real. Our team is of such mixed ethnicity and race, that if Abbiati was a real Nazi bastard it would stir a lot of shit. And he'd have a hard time under the shower with Seedorf.

In Italy now days, the right wing is stronger and some people are more aligned than others. Personally I'm a liberal hippie, and don't really give a damn.

Forza Abbiati, I want a clean sheet in the derby.
Another stupid and insulting statement Di Canio largely kept his ass quiet in England regarding his political affiliations..When he revealed himself as a fascist even his longtime friend at West Ham, Shaka Hislop (a trinidadian) was offended and terminated the friendship him along with the club refusing to renew his contract. The black players at LAzio didn't take too kindly to it either.......Being a fascist and being a racist are like being gay and being a male hairdresser......Not all male hairdressers are gay but........
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