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Originally Posted by Ender View Post
Yes, Bertolacci upgrade, Bacca upgrade, Luiz Adriano upgrade (maybe), Mihajlovic upgrade.

Soooo, I guess the conclusion is that we'll finish higher than 9th spot ?

The question that most are interested in getting an answer is whether this team can finish 3rd, and if it's not likely then who we can reasonably buy that will increase our chances.
We underachieved last season, with a better coach and less injuries we could've finished in the top 5.

Our team is far from complete but for a change it seems like our management actually has a plan and has money to spend. I think we are moving in the right direction and it would be wrong to say that we are replacing fodder with fodder.

The squad we have right now is capable of finishing in the top 5 and can even challenge for 3rd with some luck. We still have 2 months and have plenty of money left to spend on transfers (if reports are to be believed). Unless we make some really stupid moves in the next two months our squad should be good enough to challenge for 3rd place. Expecting us to win the Scudetto is unrealistic imo.
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