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Originally Posted by forzamilansafc View Post
Are you for real???

Sunderland fans sing about newcastle, newcastle sing about Sunderland
City sing about United, United sing about city
Rangers sing about celtic, celtic sign about rangers
Feyenoord fans sing about Ajax, Ajax fans sing about Feyenoord

This happens through out europe and the world. Its called Passion, its all part of football, fans sing about rival teams.

I suggest next time you stay at home and watch it on tv where know one can upset you.

bla bla bla. I. know all of this

by dirty chants i mean the borderline chants, racist things..about eto about south italians etc..stuff you prefer not to hear and for which you certainly not paid 100 euros for your seat or drove 11 hours

if singing " eto is the black guy who sells flowers in the tube " or " fucking napolitano, go gather tomatoes and fuck yourself " gives you passion then good for you. may god protect you.


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