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About two weeks left until June 10.. some reports said that it's been postponed to June 20.

At most, we'll have to wait 3 weeks for the due diligence phase to complete and the preliminary agreement can be signed (which was also signed with Mr Bee btw).

Last week even Berlusconi publicly spoke about the Chinese interest after playing hardball for the longest time. For the first time, Silvio seems open to selling majority. He even said that some members of the consortium are partly owned by the government (which was the sexiest piece of info yet since Sal got into the picture, but we haven't heard anything more in regards to the government's involvement).

The only names that keep getting repeated are Evergrande Real Estate group and Robin Li of Baidu. We still don't know who the others are but we've heard Eric Xu's (vice prez of Huawei) name too. We've heard Jack Ma at the beginning but it doesn't seem like he's invested in this consortium as Alibaba Sports or Jack Ma, he's part of the consortium because he has a 10% share in Evergrande Real Estate group.

Most rumours are saying that Galliani will stay on for a transitional period and that the consortium wants to build Milan a new stadium.

It kind of feels weird for Milan to be doing something right. I'm still waiting for the catch to all this smh. Hopefully the deal closes asap so we can rid ourselves of the previous management.

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