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Scrap the rest. Current #Official consortium members:

1. Haixia Capital:
Company Overview
Haixia Capital Management Co., Ltd. is a venture capital firm specializing in growth capital. It prefers to invest in infrastructure projects of Haixi Economic Zone, financial industry, infrastructure in Pingtan area, highway construction in Sanming area, acquiring mainland companies, acquiring chicken breeding and cultivating companies in France, and construction in Fuzhou and surrounded counties. Haixia Capital Management Co., Ltd. was founded in July 28, 2010 and is based in Fuzhou, China with an additional office in Beijing, China.

2. SDIC:
State-owned investment company. Since its establishment, SDIC continuously improves its development strategy, optimizes its assets composition, and has built its unique tri-pillared business framework that integrates industrial investment, financial services and state-owned assets management.
SDIC's industrial investment mainly goes to power generation, coal mining, ports and shipping, chemical fertilizer production and other infrastructure or resource-oriented fields as well as high-tech projects.

These guys are huge. $75 billion in total assets and $3 billion in registered capital.
SDIC had a registered capital of RMB 19.47 billion (USD 3 billion), RMB 495.5 billion (USD 75.4 billion) in total assets, RMB 772.2 billion (USD 117.5 billion) in the assets under management (AUM) in finance, and 74058 employees by the end of 2015. Its gross revenue and total profit in 2015 were RMB 104.2 billion (USD 15.9 billion) and RMB 16.5 billion (USD 2.5 billion) respectively.
Chairman: Wang Huisheng

3. Yonghong Li: About whom I was able to find nothing online.

It could be this guy:

What is obvious is that Chinese state players are involved.

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