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Originally Posted by Kyara
I love Malcom in the middle, it's so stupidly funny, that kid Dewey is hilarious

I was also about 11 or so when they used to show 90210 and Melrose Place on TV, but some channels still do show them now and I prefer Melrose Place. 90210 is just soo errr! Gets on my nerves

I don't watch TV a lot but this year I watched One Tree Hill episodes on DVD, my absolutlely favourite drama series. To be honest I started watching 'cause of Chad Michael Murray who, I can't help but notice, looks a lot like Sheva
But I actually liked the series a lot 'cause it's a combination of sports, friendship, music and love. The actors and actresses are all good and there's usually some good music in the show as well.

I'm curious to know does anyone else here follow it?
I watched it, but I think it was just season 1. In last episode (or was it the one before last) that boy (I forgot his name) leaves Preston and goes to look for his daughter. I was watching because Chad Michael Murray, too, he is soooooo cute. If this isn't the last episode, can you tell me what happened???
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