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Originally Posted by Fiero View Post
Talent doesn't necessarily mean joga bonito skills. Ambro has talent. Intelligence, grit, tackling, headers, etc. All these are 'talent's Ambro has and so it's not even funny to nominate Milan's captain as one of the worst to ever play for the club...

I can't believe you're serious. Hard to argue with someone who's nominating two of our greatest players in the past decade as the worst to put on a Milan shirt. Not to mention that one of them is the club's captain and the other is a 4 time Champions League winner. You're just trolling and it's not even funny, just despicable.

And if you're serious then I'm sorry for you.
I don't even like joga bonito, so lets leave that out.

Of course ambro has talent in headers, grit, intelligence, tackling etc. But so does every other player in pro football. Ambro's talent isn't anything special, but Seedorf's is. Ambro was never great at anything, he's just one of those average players who got lucky.

And yeah, I'm totally serious. But you may have not understood me correctly yet. I'm not comparing this duo to players like Digao, Kalac, Senderos etc. I'm talking about starters. Supposed stars or whatever.

I don't care if Ambro is a club captain (he should never have become a captain in the first place) and I don't care that Seedorf has won 4 CL's.

Ambro is still average and Seedorf still gives you 10 good games each season.

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