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Originally Posted by Nielsenb41
If anything, the players are being underated. Maicon and Julio Cesar are underated, and we know it. Robinho is only getting recognition now, even though he has been doing wonders for years, and is definitely not overated. Luis Fabiano is criminally underated. Juan is underated. Ronaldinho is currently underated.

Who are the overated players? Kaka??!?
In my opinion the likes of Robinho are overrated, he could'nt get a regular game in a poor Madrid side & that says it all. The guy has talent, but sadly is as thick as two short planks.

Players like Anderson etc are no better than average & would be seen this way if they where not Brazilian.

The likes of Kaka' & Ronaldinho are not in the class of great players from years gone by. I don't think for example Kaka' is abetter player than Rui Costa was when at Fiorentina, Kaka' however has earnt more plaudits because he his Brazilian(they are all good I know that, not as good as some like to think).

Spain & Argentina for me have easily the most amount of talent in world football & therefore the best attacking players.

Brazil have been poor for years & it cannot all be blamed on Dunga & the managers in charge.

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