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Originally Posted by Massaro94 View Post
He was Brazils best player and i think scored in every game apart from the final... he would get the first goal more often than not.

Btw that was one of the most boring finals of any football match

Damn you Brazil... why you produce so many Elite tier forwards. Not fair man.
Brazil just have that much talent and amazing academies.

But I was at awe when I watched the 1994 final. Thankfully they have the full match on YouTube. Baresi's performance was something else. Coming from an injury and playing on a hot day? Baresi is incredible

Originally Posted by Sven View Post
I watched this Brazil x Italy in 1982, and Italy totally deserved to go through. I don't get all the hype over it.

Brazil had all the talent upfront, but look at Italy defense... Zoff, Cabrini, Scirea, Gentile, Collovati, Oriali just in front... Talent alone won't beat a classic defense just like that. Brazil wasn't very solid defensively.
I know Italy deserved it bro. They were more decisive and scored first too. Scirea is a player I've come to respect a lot. He isn't your typical dirty Juventus defender like Gentile. Nonetheless Gentile had a great world cup in 1982 and was better than Scirea. However, I was just making a point to Australiano that Zico played with great players like Socrates, Falcao, Eder, Junior, and Luisinho whereas Maradona didn't have that kind of talent in his Argentina team but still won the world cup.

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