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Originally Posted by VultureSheva View Post
Abate and Montolivo at 1:15

Abate is like " maaaaan, Daddy (Galliani) is gone, we're done! ... they're gonna get actual football players"
Montolivo deep in thought is thinking about how he will look in a Empoli jersey

Abate looks bit Fatter in the face.
he has a chance of moving to a relatively good team... he is the type that can be in a good team and not be so much of a liability if the team in general is good, like he was in the last scudetto winning team. so he can stay or even join another of the top 6 teams if they're looking for a bargain for an ok player for squad depth.

the other guy, Montolivo ... if he stays it will for the Bench ... with reinforcement coming, he has no business here. even with this less than average midfield, he has no place here. they all bring more to the table than him... he is on par with Poli and Bertolacci in terms of contribution. the great italian trio ...

besides that Li Han seemed very passionate there. i like it ... that was probably the only thing i was going to miss about Galliani
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