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Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
to all the Az. putdowns after his moronic comment.

He is just an utterly classy man. As a person, I don't think there's anyone else I'd ever want to see as Milan manager again. Let's hope he's as successful as a manager that there isn't need for him to be replaced.

Gattuso defines Milan and what this club stands for more than most other players.

I hope he gets better with time. He has around 5 months to convince the management. Let's hope he makes the best out of them.

Originally Posted by Neo'82 View Post
Raiola: "I take note of what Mirabelli said about me and against me, after all we are in a democratic country and he can say what he thinks. Mirabelli has a personal issue against me and uses Donnarumma to attack me."

Raiola: "However, I will not create a media circus and, even more, I do not want this to be done on Gigio's skin. I will respond Mirabelli in the appropriate places and at the right time."

Raiola: "Gigio has nothing to do with this and has done nothing wrong so it is not right to exploit him to create a war against me. It is obvious for everyone that the problem is not Gigio, nor even Antonio [Donnarumma]."

Raiola: "Strangely neither Mirabelli nor the club have commented on the banner that appeared yesterday in the stadium. We have never imposed on Milan to sign Antonio Donnarumma. It was a technical decision of Mirabelli that he should at least defend now."

Raiola: "I would like to remind you that last summer there were economic and professional offers for Donnarumma that no player would ever turn down. But Gigio and his family made a decision with their heart."

Raiola: "I respected their choice. My interest today is that Gigio be left serene and only then he can give his best. This should also be the priority of the sporting director of Milan, and if not, it should be the priority of the Milan ownership or who represents it."

Raiola: "Today Mirabelli is comfortable with these controversies because they take away the attention from the real problem of Milan: The technical project. I have nothing against Milan but I really care about Milan and wish it success."

Raiola: "I remind you that I have four players in Milan's first team and I am interested in my clients achieving important results. But not only this, I also think that it is important for Italian football that Milan return being the protagonist in Italy and internationally."

Raiola: "Now Gattuso has arrived, he is a person for whom I have much sympathy and respect and to whom I wish all the best possible. I have read so many false and absurd things that does not even make sense to comment or deny them."

Raiola: "I have never spoken in public about the issues of my clients' contracts and I will not do it now. I have long established an open line of polite and professional discussion with doctor Fassone whom I also met with recently."

Raiola: "If there were any problem and if it was necessary I will meet with Dr. Fassone and we will look for solutions. But this is not only for Gigio or Antonio, it is also for any other player of mine."
Originally Posted by Alo88 View Post
Gigio Donnarumma on his official instagram Account:

"It was a bad evening and I did not expect it! I never said or wrote in a letter that I have been subjected to moral violence when I signed the contract. Nevertheless I look forward to the next game... forza milan!"

The contrast between these two statements is why they should both go. I love Bona, but he's also replaceable and not worth Raiola's cuntery. Abate needs to leave anyway. And also clinch it with a widespread ban on Raiola players.

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