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Fav. Players: Anyone playing for AC Milan

RivippoRuiNestaShevdini posted

Another interesting player you emntion is Hasselbaink. He is indeed too old now, but I have wondered for years now, if Hasselbaink truly would do good in Italy.
I keep wondering the same thing about Emily Heskey, he is big so he can rumble in the box with the best of them. That why I think he does well w/ Owen you get the quick nimble player in Owen and and Big and overpowering Heskey. I think w/ as pyhysical as Seria A can be he would make a good forward if he paired with someone like Sheva. Problem is I don't want Milan to be the one to experiment with him. Think they can talk Perugia into signing him to play alongside Amoruso, w/ a clause that he can't play against Milan, to test it out. How do you think he would do?

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