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Supossedly the next big thing to come from Germany after GOETZE

although arsenal snapped him up

Arsenal agree to sign 15-year-old Stuttgart starlet Serge Gnabry - report

quote from German NT youth discussion thread


The boy is the "next best thing" in German youth football. I've seen him playing quite a lot and he's by far the best German player in the age group 1995. And yes, I know he hasn't played for the national team yet. One more reason to really hope for a replacement of Frank Engel as soon as possible.

Mesut Oezil, Toni Kroos, Mario Goetze, Sonny Kittel and now this Serge Gnabry???
We have some very good talents at the AM position.
Another is Sonny kittel ...dunno much bout him tbh but his name is popping up everywhere with WUNDERkind status

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