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Originally Posted by mtfco
well, like *rossonera* said this is not the forum to show off ur photoshop skills, there are lots of other forums where u can do that.
but if u really wanna show off may be the best thing is that to make a threat about it in the off topic and u can proudly show ur image editing skills, but this forum is for ppl to discuss something (mainly about milan).
With all respect to your opinion, but since you brought this all up I'd like to say that putting "photoshop" designed pics in our signatures goes really far away from anything that has to do with "showing off"!!!
I agree that this forum is to discuss stuff about Milan, but it's also for us to get to know each other and I think sigs and avators in general are sometimes a reflection for the member's personality ... For example, when I see that poor headless chicken in your avatar ( ) I could tell that you're a person with a good sense of humour ... When I see a certain player, I can tell that this person likes or favours this player ... Even when I see a person without a sig or an avatar, I can tell that this person is very practical, serious, too busy and doesn't have time for these stuff which is completely respected as well!!!
And coming back to the subject, when I see a person with a photoshop designed signature I can tell that he's someone who likes to express his love for his team through this talent which he has ... Perhaps when people who are not members in the forum see his sigs they will know that he's a person with good designing skills and will ask for help
It really has nothing to do with showing off and so ... Yes, if we wanna show off we'll open a thread for that but we simply wanna say how we love Milan by this small thing which can reflect many things

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