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Originally Posted by Alo88 View Post
only if an offer arrived who's over the 22M we've just spent for him, which I doubt. And if so, I can already see how the deal collapses because that club wouldn't offer him half what we pay him as wages.

That said I wouldn't write him off already. I strongly believe that his bad performances do strongly correlate with Montellas poor coaching. I mean hell even Bonucci looked like a school kid. I'm saying since august that we need to change coach as Montella has lost his plot and makes our players look way worse than they are. Jack seems rejuvenated the moment Gattuso steps in, I hope this is not only a momentum but a sign that Gattuso can be the coach who will make this team click. Calha included.
clu7bs like burnley, w.ham, crystal palace etc will have a shitload of cash and for them he would be an upgrade from all pov(brand name, player in general and ofc his fks)
if an offer in the region of 20-25 arrives accept it without second thoughts.

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