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mario need some treatment, he is talented but he is jerk, i dont know why same people call for mario when they hate dinho, atleast dinho only parties and he doesnt disrupt locker room serenity.

mario is talented but he is jerk and we are not going to get him, cause inter will bench him rather selling him to us

get out of your we want italian bandwagon bring in brasilian players they are better lol
moratti wont ever sell mario to us never, btw we need a cam for milan and a creative dm more than a spoiled brat,one among sex fabregas, hamsik jovetic, modric, hernanes will do good for our team, if we are going to play unbalanced 4-3-3 we need a brand new CAM, seedork has past it and a sub for pirlo who is a specialist a Central midifielder who can hold on to the ball and tick our midfield no more deep lying visionary who lacks strength and pace.




fuck i miss gourcuff i hate our management and our previous coach he was so perfect

i heard similar things about gio but he sucks playing for jube who promote italian players more than anyone in big four.

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