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Originally Posted by Ploki View Post
How would you rate him compared to our other midfielders right now?
Lets assume this order.

1. Bertolacci
2. Bonaventura
3. De Jong
4. Montolivo
5. Poli
I can't rank them as each has his qualities + I can't predict form, but if it all goes well I can see Mauri getting plenty of minutes against smaller teams, maybe more if he performs well in pre-season.

Bertolacci will probably be a starter no matter what
Bonaventura's role will depend on the transfers we're going to make and formation but ATM he looks like a starter (LCM with Bertolacci CAM or CAM with Bertolacci LCM)
One of DeJong and Montolivo will probably be our CDM, if Montolivo regains form he'll probably start, but if we don't buy another midfielder Montolivo will be moved to RCM, with NDJ playing CDM.
Poli is a versatile player but he's average as fuck, back up at best if we're aiming for a CL spot.

There will be a first midfield sub battle between Poli and Mauri and I can see Mauri winning plenty of battles because he has more stamina&energy but if we plan on defending a small lead I can see Poli being the preferred sub
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