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Originally Posted by Balo45 View Post
What bothers me about kessie is how underwhelming his end product has been close to goal. His ability to create space for himself is what makes him special, but he continuously makes the wrong decision at the last second. For how often he bursts forward into great positions, he should have more goals or assists. His passing across goal is especially not good.

Still he's much more than just the disruptive force that kucka was so good at. Kessies athleticism is what makes him so talented and seperates him from others, but he is still a good footballer. Unlike kucka, he actually looks for the ball at his feet, contributes to build up, and can move the ball with his feet out of pressure. In fact that's what bothers me most about his passing near the box. He doesn't have bad ball control and should be better.

I trust him to keep getting better, he's still so young. His haters can gtfo
Finally someone who tries to be objective when judging a player. I can agree with all the above.

He is still very young and has a lot of time to improve his end product and decision making.

I can imagine with him being that young he just tends to get nervous when close to goal, it's kind of natural and will get better with him gaining experience.

All in all he is a incredible gifted player who will only get better as time goes on and we're lucky to have him.
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