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i see that there is great enthusiasm in anticipation Kessie's performance for us next season and i don't want to rain on that happy parade, but I don't have that optimism at all, As his only quality I see is his physical strength. And seeing the other options out there for the price he was signed, I would have gone on another route.

Ultimately, only time will tell. And I hope I'm wrong.

I must say, I only watched 1 Atalanta game (the most recent vs Milan) and he did good in the second half. Besides that I watched 3 other games with the Côte d'Ivoire national team (I'm Ivorian myself, should be happy to finally have a compatriot here lol). 2 at the afcon earlier this year when his name started to go around because of his scoring and he was getting linked with Chelsea and united during the winter market. And the other game was yesterday in the 2-3 defeat at home vs guinea.
In those only 3 full games of him I watched, if gazetta (or whichever magazine give player ratings after Serie A game) had to rate him, it would be ranging from 4-5.
Lackluster performance, Little involvement, lots of passes to the opponent....
I also read some comment on the 5-0 defeat to the Netherlands and it seemed to be the same.

hopefully His physicality will be well complemented by other players' attributes in that midfield (new signings) to make a full working unit. Shop wisely.

Again, it's only 3 games (with NT), and the answer will be on the field with a Milan jersey.
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