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Originally Posted by fiume_1987
P.S. When we won CL 2003. we signed Cafu and Kaka and marched to the scudetto triumph following season 03/04 when Ancelotti's Milan was IMO the best club in the world (too bad about La Coruna, though
I agree with the fact that our 2003/04 squad was the best club team of this decade.

BTW, a lot of people are saying that we haven't won anything for last two seesons, which is an absolutely right statement.

But at the same token, I guess, at least in our minds, we know that we should have won the 2004-05 CL trophy and that is no fault of our transfer policy, becuase I think we had the best club team of the world at that time.

Also, that year, we lost to JUVE when we were on same points with three games left. BTW, don't forget that we were denied for two penalties in that match too !!

Now, year 2005-06 was really not a great year but still we managed to get all the way upto SEMIs of CL, again, SHEVA's legitimate goal againist BARCA was denided by the referee.

So. of course, in terms of performance, if we benchmark our perfomance versus any other European club's over the course of last 5 years, and start measuring them by points, such as being Champion means 8 points, Final means 6 points, Semifinal means 4 points, Quarterfinal means 2 points and same with the scudetto and every other domestic leagues, I am confident that we will do the best in the entire European Soccer Community.

Thus, by measuring our management team by performance, they are doing real good.

Having said all that, we need some young players too and the cycle should always go on.

But seriously, we are not going to do anything in the midfield and frankly, I don't want to change our midfiled, even to the point, I don't want RONALDINHO to come to MILAN to upset the chemistry in the midfield that we have right now.

Forward line, as I have mentioned, one good striker will be enough for me. In fact, I am not a GILA fan and could have gone for a different striker at his cost, but apparently, we are sticking with him.

That brings us to the backline, BONERA is not the next prodigy by any means. Probably would have been great to add on somebody new by giving up old crows such as FAVALLI. Till this date, I have never understood the fact why we got him at the first place??

And one more point to remember, that we can only afford 2 players per position except goalies. Thus, without giving up old players, we can't buy new players, otherwise it will be too expensive for us to run the club.

Thus, I agree with some of the posts that we could have taken out some old crows (BROCCHI, SERGINHO & FAVALLI) and gone out to buy some new defenders.

The other concern is our weak sub for our GOALKEEPER's position. Seriously, that KALAC guy is worthless and I don't even know how good FIORI is !! We need at least an young keeper, who can play second fiddle to DIDA if he gets injured !!

With rest of squad I have no qualms or complains.

I think we will reach MOSCOW next year, too !!


!!Milan wins it all !!


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