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Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Catenaccio is nothing similar to the style of football that Gattuso trained at Milan. And the more defensive, sit-back style that we played from November or December last year was purely an adjustment due to the inability of our defenders to defend in a more modern offensive style. Gattuso's first instinct was to play the more free-flowing style that we had played prior to that.

It showed a lot of aspects of Catenaccio, narrow fullback and defending wingers. Last man defender next to a proactive center back. Having your full 11 on your own half doing man marks. Soaking pressure and hitting on breaks, itís how most our open goals came. Itís the reason we struggled against defensive teams. In his year and half of top flight experience with two/three transfer markets in his name the conclusive system that was most effective for him was a variation of Catenaccio.
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