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The Red & Black Forums Rules

The Language
The only language used here is English. [Italian is also allowed but only in the "Tutto in Italiano" forum].

Offensive Language
Do not use it by any means! You could make your point without the extensive use of insulting words.

You are not allowed to post debates on religious, political or racist related topics. Those kind of topics could be an insult towards other members, even if that wasn't the purpose of it. After all, we're here to have a good time and talk about Milan. You are also not allowed to post pornographic material, links to porn sites and warez.

You will be immediately banned if you spam the forums. Spamming can take many shapes and we don't like any of them around here.

In case you don't add value to the forum, don't understand that this is first and foremost an AC Milan forum and that the Off-Topic forum is there as an extension of the AC Milan theme and not as a main forum, then the administrators have the right to ban your account.

Respect other members' opinions and they'll respect yours. If a member insults you, don't answer back but report it to the appropriate moderator or administrator. Treat the others the way you want to be treated. Threads containing personal attacks will be closed or deleted. Offenders will be warned and action may be taken against them.

We do not allow advertising on our forums. Of course, you can still post links to other websites, but only if it is something interesting and somewhat related to the topic.

When you want to post an interesting article you've found on the net, or a rumor, make sure you post the source.

Other Milan Sites
If you have something against the other AC Milan related sites, make sure you keep that for yourself. They have the same goal as we do and, after all, we're all Milan fans and just as us, they are doing their best to promote and support this wonderful club.

Other Forums
It is not allowed to use The Red & Black Forums as a launching base for attacks against any other forums, no matter their topic of interest.

Before posting, we would like to recommend you to make sure that the topic you want to post was not posted already. Also, we hope to see you contribute with interesting posts. This way we'll keep the forum running as smooth as possible. And please read the description of each forum. This way you'll know better where to post your thread and our moderators will have an easier time taking care of the forums.

Avatars & Signatures
The rules are also applied to your avatar, signature and PM's, not only to your posts.

Also, in order to be eligible for a custom avatar and signature, you must've been registered for at least 3 months and have more than 125 posts.

The maximum size for images in signatures is 350 pixels in width and 250 pixels in height. If you put more images or text in your signature, then the sum of their width and height with the white space must not exceed 350x250 (including the white space between them). The pic is not allowed to be animated gif.

Moderators & Adminstrators
The authority of the moderators and the administrators should be recognised by any of the members. The moderators and administrators are here to make sure you have a quality time and they have the last word in a debate.

Using Another Account While Banned
If you're using another account while your main account is banned, the ban of your main account will be reset from the moment we find out and your second account will be permanently banned.


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