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Reasons to get him back:

- He's the rare type of CDM that can pull off the anchor role in a 3 man mid.
De Jong couldn't. Monto and Biglia were okayish, until their last injuries.
Ambro became sort of good at it in his twilight years.
But none of them were as effective as Baka.
Only Van Bommel is comparable.
Pioli is not deploying a 3 man mid at the moment, but it's always good to have a plan B.

- His aerial prowess. The team is losing a lot of aerial duels in the midfield. But this trait of his is missed even more on set-pieces. The current team is too reliant on Zlatan defending corners for them. The team is even worse at scoring from corners.

- He's better defensively and a more disciplined holding mid than Kessie and Bennacer.
He's not as proactive as K & B, but their proactiveness turns into naivety at times. There are numerous sequences in almost every match where both our CDMs push up or leave the centre simultaneously. It was among the factors that caused the 5-0 Atalanta disaster. Napoli exploited this as well, but they weren't as clinical as Atalanta even though they scored twice.
UCL and EL knockout stage have a couple of teams that could rip this team apart.
I'll go with Kessie-Bennacer in most games, but I think a Baka type might be necessary against certain opposition.

Reasons to reject him:

- He's pushing hard for a return. This is understandable considering the important role he played here last season, compared to his status in Chelsea and Monaco. But will he be content with a backup role?
K & B aren't injury-prone(thankfully). Last season there were 1 game suspensions due to yellow cards accumulation and that's it.
If he gets tired of warming the bench and tries to force his way out then we'll be in Chelsea's current position.

- Showed up late for training on more than one occasion.


Do I want him back? Hell yes.
We need quality backups, who can potentially even be upgrades.
We need a defensive midfield option.
Bennacer could be gone within a year. Kessie might/will probably lose form at some point.
The worst case scenario isn't even that bad. Chelsea hasn't been able to sell him so far because of their ridiculous asking price. They somehow thought they could recoup the 45m sum they invested in him. Monaco had a 42.5m buyout option. No wonder they didn't use it.
If he's signed for 20m or less, then the risks are very small compared to the potential reward. Monaco will always be interested in him in case he pushes for a move out of Milan. His salary demands are high, but not too high for Monaco who don't pay taxes.
If we are to trust the reports, Milan has already agreed the personal terms with Baka. That could mean that the new Italian tax laws for new residents applies to him as well, even though he worked in Italy last year.
It could also mean that the English reports from a few years ago were correct. 5.4m(GBP) is his gross salary, not net. That's 2.97m net in UK.
3.5m(EUR) net in Italy. Which was also his net salary at Milan according to the Gazzetta charts.
It's still a high salary for what could end up being a barely used backup player, but I'd take the risk.


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