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I'm not surprised at all that many of the players from that generation of Milan players have become managers (and very good ones!) and directors and even successful politicians (like Kaladze).

It was a very smart group of players and at the time Milan was a school... Ancelotti and the rest had learned the trade from Sacchi and Fabio Capello and they passed it on.

It's a bit of a shame that we couldn't make a smooth transition to another generation like we did from the 90's to the 00's now.
The 4 ex-players we used as manager had a lot of trouble who were not only their own, the ownership changed twice and will probably change again in a few years and you all know what was up.

Anyway I don't particularly care a lot about Milan being filled with ex-players. Though it's always nice have someone Maldini in a key role to rebuild the club. And I'm pretty sure more ex-players will join the next few years not because they used to play in Milan but because a lot of them are doing damn good work elsewhere.
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