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Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
This is not one of those cases where someone makes a generalization based on one poster.
Every other active commoder was pro 3.5m deal and used the laughable "locker room presence" argument.

They need to be named and shamed, so here we go:

Hugh Janus
( didn't expect this from you)
“Recently De Rossi told me, ‘I’d like to come and work with you,’” he said.

“I said I’d think about it and that if there was the possibility of a collaboration, I’d think about it.

“He’s a player who conveys passion. He’d be a resource. I thought about it and I’m still thinking about it.”
- Giampaolo on DDR.

This was said before DDR said he wanted to continue playing I think. Yes 3.5m is a lot, and yes he'll be 36 by the start of the season. But I really don't think he's going to be there for playing time.

If Reina is possibly out - Sarri wants him - and Biglia going to Fiore - he said he's interested and Montella wants him - then we could use some experience in the team and someone as a backup too. And no, it's not just for the "locker room". It seems Giampaolo among others thing he has something to offer so if they believe so, then trust them on it.

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