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Originally Posted by dev1L View Post


727m Manchester United
609m Real Madrid* (Real claim only 296m)
436m Barcelona*
386m Internazionale*
348m AC Milan*
297.7m Arsenal
240m approx Liverpool
147m Juventus*
136m Roma*
96m Bayern Munich*
0 Chelsea, after 340m write-off, announced Dec 2009
0 Man City, after 305m debt-to-equity write-off, announced Jan 2010
that is blatantly false, it was widely reported that we only had a small 60mil-ish debt and that was covered by kaka's sale. also, i find it annoying that clubs can just wirte off their debts at the cost of their owners, makes it horribly unfair. liverpool are quite mor in debt im sure, we surely can't be more in debt than them
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