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Originally Posted by Kyara
I've sent the petition link to all the emails on both Sheva's and Milan's official websites.

Any other suggestions ladies and gents?
Online petitions are just for effect, but are not effective IMO + experience However, by linking the petition to his website + printing out the signatures to include in a REAL letter you might actually reach him.

More ideas... OK

-- write a message on a T-shirt, wear it + take a pic of it + attach it to the letter or add a pic wearing your #7 Sheva shirt

-- write a brief message in his language, Ukrainian... percik could do sth sensible for a change + help u out translating , IMO that's a gesture that's always appreciated + may touch his heart + that's what you WANT

-- if you have poems, artwork, collages, copies of your best forum posts... include it (assemble stuff in a binder or sth)

-- your letter should reflect your personality, your style, invest a little time, remember, you want his ATTENTION (I'll even refrain from calling you attention whores )

-- include sth that is typical of your country, nothing big, a lil souvenir, or pictures that can be mailed, again to make an emotional connection + bring to the forefront of his mind how appreciated + adored he is in all parts of the world


I could probably think of more but I gtg..........

Good luck !

(There's power in numbers)


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